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Ready to take your project to the next level?

Trophies, Awards & Engraving

​Tri State Graphics offers a range of customisable trophies and engraving services to fit any occasion, from corporate events to sports tournaments. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the highest quality products that meet your specific needs.

Trophies Engraving

Glass Awards

Celebrate excellence, creativity, and achievement with our glass awards. We have a wide range of options to suit any event or budget.


Medallions are timeless symbols of honor and recognition.

Laser & Diamond Drag Engraving

Celebrate achievements, milestones, and personalized gifts with our precision laser and diamond drag engraving services.

Plaques, Trays & Perpetuals

Celebrate enduring excellence and commitment with our exquisite plaques, perpetual awards, and trays.


Whether you prefer the elegance of satin, the nostalgia of felt, or the durability of vinyl, our pennants embody the spirit of unity and recognition.

Trophies & Cups

Trophies stand as symbols of achievement and recognition, inspiring individuals and teams to reach their full potential. We offer a diverse selection of trophies to celebrate success and milestones.

Sashes, Stoles & Ribbons

Make a statement of elegance and honor with our sashes, stoles, and sporting ribbons.

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