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Medallions are timeless symbols of honor and recognition.

Medallions are more than just physical tokens; they are enduring symbols of recognition and achievement. These beautifully crafted pieces of art encapsulate the essence of honor, excellence, and distinction. A medallion is not merely an object; it's a tangible representation of remarkable accomplishments, a testament to dedication, and a source of pride. They serve as lasting reminders of hard work, commitment, and success, making them the perfect choice for acknowledging outstanding individuals, teams, or organisations.

Budget & Premium Medallions

Our medallions are a hallmark of timeless elegance and meticulously crafted from durable metals such as brass, copper, or zinc. These materials not only lend a distinguished weight to the medallions but also allow for intricate detailing and precise engraving. Each metal medallion serves as a testament to excellence, with the option to customise it with elaborate designs, logos, and engraved inscriptions. The metallic finish adds a touch of prestige to any occasion, making these medallions perfect for honoring exceptional achievements. Browse our medallion range at Trophies for Distinction, AusTrophy, & Be A Winner.

Custom Metal Medallions

Our custom metal medallions allow you to push the boundaries of creativity. These medallions can take on unique forms and sizes, giving you the freedom to craft recognition pieces that are truly distinctive. Our medals are meticulously crafted from durable metals such as die-struck brass and iron, or die-cast zinc alloy. These materials not only lend a distinguished weight to the medallions but also allow for intricate detailing and precise engraving. You can also choose to add soft enamel colours, imitation hard enamel colours, UV printing, and various antique finishing to really make your custom design stand out. Whether you envision a medallion in the shape of a logo, symbol, or a custom design that represents your event or organisation, our design team can turn your ideas into tangible, one-of-a-kind medallions that stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Complete the recognition experience with our range of medal accessories. These additions are designed to enhance the presentation and significance of your medallions:

Presentation Cases

Choose from a selection of elegant presentation cases that protect and showcase your medallions. These cases add an extra layer of prestige to your recognition.

Ribbons and Lanyards

Personalise your medallions with ribbons or lanyards in various colors and styles. They provide a wearable and decorative element to the medallion, perfect for awards ceremonies and events. Custom ribbons and lanyards are avaliable for larger bulk orders.

Engraved Plates

Add engraved plates to your medallion cases or mounts. These plates can display names, dates, and special messages, creating a personalised touch to your recognition.

Why Choose Our Medallions?

Local Assembly

Our medallions are assembled and engraved in-store by skilled locals. This local touch ensures unmatched quality and attention to detail.

Symbol of Achievement

Medallions symbolise excellence, making them perfect for recognizing outstanding accomplishments.


Our medallions can be tailored to suit various occasions and themes, from traditional to modern and everything in between.


Personalise your medallions with intricate designs, logos, vibrant colors, and engraved inscriptions to reflect the significance of the recognition.


Our custom medallions allow you to create recognition pieces that are truly unique and representative of your event or organisation.


Medallions are enduring symbols of honor and distinction, carrying their significance through generations.

Check out our range!

We supply quality trophies and awards to suit every budget. Offering a wide range of trophies, cups, glass awards, perpetuals, plaques, medals, ribbons and much more. All trophies are custom engraved in-store with competitive prices available. See our range below!

Aus Trophy
Trophies for Distinction
Be A Winner

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