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Trophies & Cups

Trophies stand as symbols of achievement and recognition, inspiring individuals and teams to reach their full potential. We offer a diverse selection of trophies to celebrate success and milestones.

Trophies and cups are tangible representations of accomplishment, often presented to individuals or teams for outstanding achievements in sports, academics, or the workplace. They come in various forms, from traditional figurines to modern, sleek designs, and can be customised to reflect the specific occasion or achievement they commemorate.

Types of Trophies

Trophies are available in a variety of materials and designs to suit different occasions and preferences. Here are some options:

Resin Trophies

Resin trophies provide intricate detailing and vibrant colors, making them perfect for sports and academic achievements. Resin trophies are most commonly available in antique gold & silver.

Plastic Trophies & Cups

Affordable and lightweight, plastic trophies are an excellent choice for large-scale events and budget-conscious celebrations.

Aluminium Trophies & Cups

Sleek and modern, aluminium trophies offer a contemporary look, often with customisable plates for engraving.

Stainless Steel Trophies

Durable and elegant, stainless steel trophies are a symbol of lasting achievement.

Nickel Plated Cups

These trophies exude sophistication with their shiny nickel finish, suitable for prestigious awards.

Silver Cups

Silver trophies radiate prestige and grandeur, ideal for recognizing exceptional accomplishments.

Why Choose Our Trophies?

Local Assembly

Our trophies are hand-assembled in-house by in-house staff, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Endless Options

We offer a wide range of design options and materials to create unique trophies that reflect the essence of the achievement.

Prompt Delivery

Our efficient production processes guarantee timely delivery, crucial for award ceremonies and celebrations.

Affordable Excellence

We provide competitive pricing for trophies, making them accessible to businesses, sports clubs, and individuals alike.

Check out our range!

We supply quality trophies and awards to suit every budget. Offering a wide range of trophies, cups, glass awards, perpetuals, plaques, medals, ribbons and much more. All trophies are custom engraved in-store with competitive prices available. See our range below!

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Trophies for Distinction

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