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Glass Awards

Celebrate excellence, creativity, and achievement with our glass awards. We have a wide range of options to suit any event or budget.

Glass awards are elegant and contemporary recognition items that blend sophistication with artistic design. They are known for their crystal-clear appearance and versatility in customisation.

Crystal & Premium Glass Awards

Crystal glass awards are made from high-quality optical glass that offers unparalleled clarity and brilliance. These awards often feature intricate etched designs providing elegance and prestige. They are ideal for recognising exceptional achievements, corporate milestones, and artistic accomplishments. Browse our range of premium glass options at Trophies for Distinction | Crystal, Trophies for Distinction | Phoenix Crystal, Trophies for Distinction | Crystal & Wood, AusTrophy, and Be A Winner.

Artistic Glass Awards

Artistic glass awards showcase the fusion of art and recognition. They often feature handcrafted glass sculptures or artistic glass pieces that are customised with engraved inscriptions. Artistic glass awards are perfect for honoring creativity, innovation, and unique contributions. Browse our range of artistic glass options at Trophies for Distinction.

Budget Glass Awards

Budget glass awards offer an affordable yet elegant choice for recognition. These awards are typically made from high-quality jade-colored glass and can be customised with engraved inscriptions, logos, and artwork. They provide a budget-friendly option for acknowledging achievements without compromising on quality. Browse our range of budget glass options at Trophies for Distinction, AusTrophy, and Be A Winner.

Acrylic Glass Awards

Acrylic glass awards provide an economical choice for recognition. These awards are made from durable acrylic material and can be customised with engraved details and logos. They can offer a cost-effective option for acknowledging achievements, making them suitable for organisations, schools, and events with budget considerations. Browse our range of acrylic glass options at Trophies for Distinction, AusTrophy, and Be A Winner.

In-House Laser Engraving and Sandblasting

We take pride in our in-house capabilities, which include both laser engraving and sandblasting for glass awards. This means that we have full control over the engraving and customisation process, ensuring precision and quality. Whether you prefer the intricate detailing of laser engraving or the elegant etching of sandblasting, our in-house expert designers and engravers can bring your vision to life on each glass award.

Why Choose Our Glass Awards?


Glass awards exude elegance and sophistication, making them a prestigious choice for recognising excellence.


They are suitable for a wide range of recognition occasions, from corporate awards and artistic achievements to academic honors for any budget.


Glass awards offer crystal-clear clarity that enhances the visual impact of engravings and designs, ensuring that your recognition message shines through.

Competitive Pricing

We provide competitive pricing for our glass awards and engraving, making them an excellent choice for organisations, businesses, artists, and event planners seeking distinctive recognition items.

Check out our range!

We supply quality trophies and awards to suit every budget. Offering a wide range of trophies, cups, glass awards, perpetuals, plaques, medals, ribbons and much more. All trophies are custom engraved in-store with competitive prices available. See our range below!

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