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Whether you prefer the elegance of satin, the nostalgia of felt, or the durability of vinyl, our pennants embody the spirit of unity and recognition.

Pennants are iconic and versatile recognition items that showcase team spirit, achievement, and celebration. These pennants come in various materials, sizes, and customisation options, making them ideal for commemorating achievements and boosting team morale.

Satin Pennants

Satin pennants exude elegance and sophistication. They are made from high-quality satin fabric that offers a smooth and luxurious texture. They are typically decorated with a classic fabric fringe across the bottom for added visual impact. Satin pennants often feature printed logos, event information, team names, or messages. They are a popular choice for sporting clubs, schools, and organisations looking to display team pride and commemorate victories.

Felt Pennants

Felt pennants have a classic and nostalgic appeal. They are crafted from durable felt material and can be customised with screen-printed or sublimated designs, team colors, and logos. Felt pennants are often seen at sporting events and school celebrations, where they add a sense of tradition and camaraderie.

Vinyl Pennants

Vinyl pennants are the epitome of durability and weather-resistance. They are made from high-quality vinyl material that can withstand outdoor conditions. Vinyl pennants often feature digitally printed designs that are vibrant and long-lasting. They are perfect for outdoor events, parades, and as a lasting symbol of achievement.

Why Choose Our Pennants?

Local Manufacturing

All of our pennants are designed and manufactured in-store by skilled locals. This local touch ensures unmatched quality and attention to detail.


With a variety of material options for our pennants, they are suitable for a wide range of events and settings, from sports competitions and school rallies to parades and corporate celebrations.


These recognition items are highly visible, ensuring that team achievements or event participation are prominently showcased.


Pennants serve as lasting mementos and can be proudly displayed for years, evoking memories and team spirit.

Competitive Pricing

We provide competitive pricing for our pennants, making them an excellent choice for sports teams, schools, organisations, and event planners seeking distinctive recognition items.

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