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Keyrings are practical and portable accessories offering daily exposure and make for the perfect gifts and giveaways.

Promotional keyrings, also know as keychains, are versatile marketing tools designed to enhance brand visibility and provide practical utility. These compact accessories offer a unique opportunity to showcase your brand logo, message, or custom design. Carried daily, they ensure your brand remains in the spotlight.

Acrylic & Plastic Keyrings

These lightweight keyrings are ideal for cost-effective promotions. They come in various shapes and can be printed with vibrant graphics.

Bottle Opener Keyrings

Combining utility with brand promotion, these keyrings feature built-in bottle openers, making them popular choices for bars, breweries, and events.

Carabiner Keyrings

Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, these keyrings feature a carabiner clip for easy attachment to belts, bags, or equipment.

Keylight Keyrings

Practical for everyday use, these keyrings incorporate a small flashlight, ensuring your brand is seen in the dark.

Metal Keyrings

Exuding durability and sophistication, metal keyrings are often chosen for premium promotions and corporate gifts. They can be engraved or printed for a lasting impression.

Custom Keyrings

Check out our custom pendants to create the perfect keyring to suit your needs and business.

Why Choose Our Keyrings?


Our selection includes an array of keyring types, materials, and features to suit your specific marketing needs.

Design Support

Our team can assist you in creating personalised keyrings that effectively promote your brand.

Quality Suppliers

Our keyrings are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

Ready to take your project to the next level?

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