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Clothing Name Labels

Clothing name labels are practical and versatile tools for personalising garments, uniforms, and accessories. They ensure that items are easily identifiable and can help prevent loss or mix-ups.

Personalise your garments and accessories with our clothing name labels. Whether you prefer the convenience of iron-on labels or the durability of sew-in labels, we offer quality craftsmanship and customisation to meet your specific labeling needs.

Iron-On Clothing Labels

Our iron-on clothing labels offer a convenient way to label garments without sewing. These labels are heat-transferable and provide a secure and long-lasting attachment to fabric.

Sew-In Clothing Labels

Sew-in clothing labels are ideal for individuals who prefer a traditional and durable labeling method. These labels can be customised with names, contact information, and graphics.

Why Choose Our Clothing Name Labels?


Clothing name labels help individuals identify their own garments, making them ideal for schools, care facilities, and camps.

Variety of Options

We offer a wide range of label sizes, fonts, colors, and graphics to accommodate various labeling needs.


These labels can help prevent loss or mix-ups of clothing items in communal settings.

Ease of Application

Our clothing labels are easy to apply and provide a secure attachment to fabric.

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