At Tri State Graphics, we offer both Rotary and CO2 Laser Engraving facilities. These machines will engrave most metals, plastics, acrylic, glass and wood with ease. Engraving is custom designed to client specifications for any occasion.


Engraving Plates

We stock many sizes, shapes and colours of engraving plates in both plastic and aluminum that can be attached to giftware, trophies and plaques. See instore for more information on sizes and colours available.

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Engraved Glassware & Glass Awards

Glassware supplied by us can be either Laser Engraved or Sandblasted depending on your preference. We hold a variety of Glassware such as Whiskey Glasses, Red and White Wine Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Stemless Wine Glasses, Tumblers and Wine Decanters. Glass Awards are also available instore in various sizes and styles.

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We offer a large range of plastics in assorted sizes, thicknesses, finishes and colours that are perfect for laser engraving. Some of our plastics specifically designed for indoors, and others for outdoors, and are of superior quality.

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Engraved Plastic Materials

LaserMax Indoor/Outdoor Acrylic

LaserMax is our standard plastic stocked and has a matte non-glare foil colour coating. This material is commonly used for Engraved Labels, Door Signs, Engraved Name Badges and more. It is UV stable, meaning it won't fade in sunlight and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Metalgraph Plus Brushed Indoor/Outdoor

Metalgraph Plus offers the same capabilities as LaserMax but with the bonus of having a metal-looking finish to it. Available in Brushed Antique Gold/Black & Brushed Bright Nickel/Black, this material is again UV stable for excellent indoor and outdoor use. The finish on these 2 colours is more realistic to brushed metal and gives off a small shine.

LaserMax Tri-Layer Indoor/Outdoor Acrylic

LaserMax Tri-Layer is the newest material developed to make tri-colour engraving possible. The acrylic material is UV stable, Laser Engravable and comes in 5 colour-ways: green/black/white, white/blue/black, white/red/black, white/yellow/black & yellow/red/black. These signs are perfect for outdoor safety/danger signs or general labels and name badges.

TrophyFlex Flexible Indoor Adhesive Back Acrylic

TrophyFlex is a flexible alternative to LaserMax and Metalgraph Plus. Available in a range of brushed colours, this material is thin with an adhesive backing and is popularly used for trophy plates, awards and plaques.

Engraved Plastic Products

Laser Engraved Name Badges

Laser Engraved Name Badges are an inexpensive alternative to Digital Printed Name Badges. These badges are available in various 2 colour options such as black/white, white/black, red/white, green/white and more. There are also add-on options such as Bubble-Topping, Magnetic or Pin backings.

We also offer sublimated Name Badges - click here to find out more.

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Laser Engraved Room Key Tags

Our Engraved Room Key Tags are a durable option of hotels with manual keys to help staff and patrons noticeably differentiate between room numbers. This product is double-sided to allow engraving on both sides of the tag and has a useful jump ring attached to the top. Room Key Tags are available in various colours and styles.

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Laser Engraved Adhesive Electrical Switch Board Labels

Our made-to-order Switch Board Labels/Traffolyte Labels are a tough and long-lasting option to label switch boards without hassle. With a fast turn-around time, these labels are unmistakable and available in a range of colours and thicknesses with strong adhesive tape on the back for easy application.

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Engravable Metals are a highly-detailed and high-quality alternative to engraved plastic. With many materials and finishes available, engravable metals are the most popular method for small, long-lasting signage and plaques.

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Anodised Aluminium Indoor/Outdoor Plates

Anodised Aluminium and DuraBlack serve as great indoor or outdoor signage solutions with high-quality results. Primarily used for outdoor permanent signage, DuraBlack is resistant to abrasion, heat, UV, salt corrosion and chemicals. Anodised Aluminium is Black/Silver and DuraBlack is Black/Metallic White.

Laser Aluminium Indoor Plates

Laser Aluminium is a thin metal that is best suited to indoor use. This highly detailed material is available in Satin Gold and Satin Silver and, when engraved, the etching turns black.



Stainless Steel Indoor/Outdoor Plates

Our quality Marine Grade Stainless Steel is perfect for permanent signage solutions. Available in various standard and custom sizes and thicknesses, our most popular engraved signage option is sure to impress or create a lasting memory.


Engravers Brass Shiny Black Indoor Plates

Engravers Brass is a distinct metal that is coated in a shiny black lacquer and, when engraved, gives off a warm golden yellow glow that is both beautiful and unique. This material makes the perfect plate for wooden plaques or can be freely attached to any flat surface.

Polished Brass is not suitable for outdoor use as it will tarnish if exposed to outdoor weather. Some basic maintenance may also be required for indoor use.


Tri State can supply a wide range of promotional gear such as Pens, Water Bottles, Key Rings and much more and many of these product can be personalised with engraving of your choice.

Engraved Key Rings

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Engraved Pens

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Engraved USBs

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Engraved Pewter and Stainless Steel Steins

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Engraved Stainless Steel Flasks and Shot Glasses

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Engraved Chopping Boards

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