Digital Printing

Here at Tri State Graphics, we have the latest in Digital Printing technology to that cover a wide range printing of results. We can print high-quality permanent adhesive vinyl stickers such as window stickers, bumper stickers, small and...


CLOTHING AND APPAREL Here at Tri State Graphics, we are passionate about Embroidery. We use the latest in Embroidery technology to ensure our work is of the highest standard and quality. With the help of our single and 4-head machines, we can embroider small and large quantities of items such as clothing, hats, bags, towels and much more. Our thread is made of high grade Polyester making it durable and withstand hundreds of washes. Embroidery Examples


  At Tri State Graphics, we offer both Rotary and CO2 Laser Engraving facilities. These machines will engrave most metals, plastics, acrylic, glass and wood with ease. Engraving is custom designed to client specifications for any...

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a great process for larger orders of printed t-shirts (10+) and larger designs. Screen-printed t-shirts wash well and can maintain the print quality for some time. Most printing you see in the High Street shops will have been printed this way. Screen printing is ideal for school graduation garments, sporting uniforms, signage and vinyl decals. With our fully automated printing machine large print runs are no problem.


  Signage is an effective way to get your business noticed. In some cases, the first point of communication with potential customers is through physical signage, that's why it needs be done right. Large or small, Tri State Graphics can cater...

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a technique that uses heat sensitive inks. These inks turn into gas under the influence of heat and combine with a 100% polyester medium. Since the ink becomes part of the structure of the material, the images on the fabric will last a long time and will not crack - even after multiple washings.

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